Marketplace Spotlight: Excellent exterior props for your levels

Marketplace Spotlight: Excellent exterior props for your levels

Head over to CRYENGINE Marketplace and you’ll find all kinds of assets for all kinds of games. Today we’re checking out some examples of props that will help you prettify your outdoor scenes.

Whether hidden in a forest or placed at a carnival, the Romani Wagons from Corbin are a set of three assets that could suit a variety of medieval, fantasy, horror or mystery games. Each is intricately detailed, atmospheric, and ready to drop into your project.

If your outdoor scene is a little grander, why not go for gold with this stunning Horseman Statue from zeenoh? The ideal accompaniment for an imposing castle, this gleaming statue featuring the knights’ lance piercing the sky is an imposing prop for your medieval masterpiece.

Working on something with a more modern setting? Then this pack of Catwalk Assets from MSA.i could take your scene, and your players, to new heights. This free set lets you create your perfect construction, and you can check out how you could craft and combine catwalk elements in the video below.

Let there be light with the high quality Lamp Post from zeenoh! Add atmosphere to city street scenes or grandeur to a country retreat with this premium prop with Victorian styling. Deciding what to illuminate and what you want to lurk in the shadows is down to you…

Give the terrain under your player’s feet a treat with this high resolution, highly detailed Dirty Earth texture from sylass. Immerse gamers into your game world with unbelievably realistic flooring, perfect for your open world project.

Whatever you need, you’re sure to find a prop that packs a punch over at the CRYENGINE Marketplace. And if you add any asset into your scenes which makes the difference for you, don’t forget to leave a review. In the unlikely event you can’t find what you need, why not let us know which assets you’d like creators to deliver next on our forums, Facebook, or Twitter.


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