Marketplace Spotlight – Looking for great vegetation? Look no further with assets from Birdeez

Marketplace Spotlight – Looking for great vegetation? Look no further with assets from Birdeez

If you’re after some beautiful vegetation then you’re in the right place – Birdeez’s collection of assets has something for everyone.

If you’re making a game where you’re unleashing players on an adventure in the great outdoors, long-time community member Birdeez has a range of 28 assets which can make your beautiful game even more beautiful. If you have a tropical island setting, coconut palms, tree ferns, sugar cane plants, banana plants, and more will help you quickly build a beautiful, idyllic playground for your players.

The devil is in the detail, so they say, and great grass can give your level that extra feeling of reality. There’s a wide range of different variations of grass available from Birdeez so you can make sure that you avoid repetition and create the lush environment your players deserve. You can also add more vegetation and add a little extra beauty with a collection of wild flowers. A collection of cave rocks and mud textures give you further options for creating your level.

While your players are exploring the great outdoors, they may need time for a break. Then why not allow them to hang out at a camp? Camp bed assets, tent structures, and a campfire give you everything you require to create a base of operations after a long day of adventuring, while a work bench is perfect for a setting to craft new items to help players on their journey.

Birdeez has 28 excellent assets available and you can check them all out on CRYENGINE Marketplace .

Tempted to buy some for your new project? We’d love to see what you make with them, so get in touch on our forumsFacebook, and Twitter

-  Your CRYENGINE Team

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    Bought the assets from Birdeez a week or so ago. Great stuff.

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