Marketplace Spotlight – Move on up with essential animations!

Marketplace Spotlight – Move on up with essential animations!

Today’s Marketplace Spotlight takes a look at a collection of animations from MoCap Online which can add realism to your game characters’ movements.

Whether you’re looking for basic movements, full combat animations, or a suite of zombie mechanics, MoCap Online has got you covered. The Mobility Starter: MoCap Animation Pack is a great way to get you moving in CRYENGINE and includes animations and transitions for walking, crouching, jumping, running, strafing, and more. All are perfectly captured and ready to heighten the realism of your game. You can also add high-octane combat functionality to your characters with a range of packs that cover rifle animations and melee attacks. Sometimes, however, it’s better to talk things through rather than fight it out. So why not deepen character behaviors with the Life Convo: MoCap Animation Pack which includes 28 character conversation animations for different emotional states. This set covers everything from arguments to listening and giving directions.

Do you want to up your undead game? Then you’ll want to investigate the three zombie packs which cover everything from basic movements to shuffling, crawling, death animations, and much more. Check out MoCap Online’s full range of animation sets, from cut-price starter bundles to everything-you-need premium packs by heading to the CRYENGINE Marketplace

Inspired to make something cool with these packs? Let us know how you’re using them. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and questions on our forumsFacebook & Twitter. And if you buy the asset and like it, don’t forget to leave a review!

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