Modern weapons for a modern battlefield

Modern weapons for a modern battlefield

If you’re looking to beef up the weaponry available in your FPS, we’ve got a roundup of some of the sweet military hardware available on CRYENGINE Marketplace right now.

Let your players create a kill zone at distance with the M1 Mortar from KADEN2018. PBR textures are included on this beautifully modeled mortar perfect for your first or third person shooter.

If you want your players to get up close and personal as they dish out the pain, then the M590 Shotgun from revolutionart, including textures and materials, could be the short range shooter you’ve been looking for.

A sniper rifle is a stable of almost any shooter, and @eisenkolb has created a beautiful yet deadly example that will graphically shine on your player’s screen as it takes down foes from concealed locations. And it’s free. You can’t go wrong.

It’s always a buzz picking up an RPG and unleashing some carnage in a game. The RPG Launcher, another excellent asset from KADEN2016, might be just what you need to propel some explosive and satisfyingly immediate action into your project.

There’s a stockpile of assets available on CRYENGINE Marketplace right now, so head over for a browse and you’ll be able select from a range of engine-ready weaponry. If you decide to pick something up, don’t forget to leave a review. If you’re making something cool with these assets, remember to let us know on the forums, Facebook, and Twitter.


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