Sony and Crytek bring Robinson: The Journey to life

Sony and Crytek bring Robinson: The Journey to life


Today we’re hugely excited to let you know that we’re partnering with Sony to bring Robinson: The Journey exclusively to PlayStation VR.

In the game, you play as a boy who becomes a pioneer after crash-landing on a mysterious planet. You’ll explore a rich and beautiful game world, interact with your surroundings and uncover amazing secrets as you embark on your adventure. Robinson: The Journey will provide a unique player experience, one that could only be delivered in game-changing virtual reality, and we’re delighted to partner with Sony as we bring our vision to life on CRYENGINE.

As a project, Robinson: The Journey has its own, well, journey too. As you know, we’re firm believers in the power of new technology at Crytek and CRYENGINE is synonymous with creating beautiful and immersive game worlds on PC and consoles. As part of our mission to constantly push what is possible in gaming, being at the forefront of virtual reality development was always the obvious goal for us as game creators and software engineers. 

Robinson: The Journey draws inspiration from the reaction to our Back to Dinosaur Island 1 and 2 demos, which showcased some of the immersive possibilities that CRYENGINE can power with VR technology.  Dinosaur Island 1 offered an introductory experience, while Dinosaur Island 2 brought in a new layer of interactivity. The response to both really helped validate what we were doing internally with Robinson: The Journey, where we’ll be delivering a full game experience, giving players the unprecedented sense of presence that only virtual reality can provide.

Of course, at Crytek we’re both a developer of games, and a developer of our engine. As we welcome in this new era of interactive entertainment, creating games in virtual reality is no longer about whether the hardware works. It does. Instead, it’s about software and how you use it. It’s about developing new ways of telling stories and creating new game mechanics. More succinctly, and perhaps most excitingly, it’s about imagination.

Robinson: The Journey is one of our visions for what a game can be in this rich and barely explored new medium. With CRYENGINE, you’ll be able to realize your own vision.

You can read more about Robinson: The Journey over at the PlayStation Blog, where Executive Producer Elijah Freeman has penned a piece, and you can see the latest footage of the game in action in the video below:

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