The best of the CRYENGINE Free SDK at GDC 2014

The best of the CRYENGINE Free SDK at GDC 2014

New GDC 2014 trailer shows the highlights of recently developed projects created with our CRYENGINE Free SDK.

Our CRYENGINE® Free SDK is an all-in-one game development solution that can be used by anyone for non-commercial game development. Many people in the CRYENGINE community use this version, as well as a lot of aspiring and indie developers. GDC 2014 is therefore the perfect excuse to show off some of our most talented and successful Free SDK users – demonstrated in the trailer below:

  • Autumnal Graveyard by Jerome Kedzierski

    Autumnal Graveyard
    presents a way to create different moods on the same environment. The goal of the developer was to create three different atmospheres with meshes available in the CRYENGINE Free SDK.

  • Cave along the Coast by Petar Zvezdanov

    Petar’s latest personal project,
    Cave along the Coast, is a way of getting more hands-on with the CRYENGINE. The footage shown in our trailer has taken him roughly four months to complete.

  • CeleryLand by FuturePoly

    FuturePoly is a digital arts training studio specifically geared toward videogame development.
    CeleryLand is a project that aims to help students connect the dots when it comes to designing a complete environment through high-quality video tutorials that cover a variety of topics, techniques, and genres.

  • Cradle by Mojo Games

    is an open-world fantasy adventure game for PC in development by Mojo Game Studios. After their recently successful Kickstarter campaign, they are working hard to give the game its distinctive features like four distinct environments, five playable character classes, an augmentable weapon and armor system, and much more.

  • Halcyon City by Alex Sashin

    CRYENGINE handles
    Halcyon City – with 130 deferred light entities and 6559 DP – remarkably well.

  • Iron Age by Daniel Westergren

    Set in Scandinavia around 500 CE and inspired by mysterious Norse standing stones and hill forts,
    Iron Age aims to focus on a linear story which will decide the scope of the project. Daniel Westergren is mainly inspired by games that integrate learning opportunities within entertaining and epic stories. He is collaborating with archaeologists in Sweden, providing insight to make the historical aspect of the game believable.

  • Lil’ Whiskey Salon by Daniel Robson

    The work of a fellow Crytek Environment Artist; there are currently no future plans for
    Lil’ Whiskey Salon, but as there haven’t been a lot of old Western-themed projects around yet, we are eager to see more.

  • Severalls Hospital by Matthew Trevelyan Johns

    This is Environment Artist Matthew Trevelyan John’s first CRYENGINE project.
    Severalls psychiatric hospital was designed so that a network of interconnecting corridors joined the wards. In the trailer we see one such corridor, leading to the children’s ward. The original blockout was based on an image he saw online, but chose to do the rest of the hospital with his imagination only.

  • SNOW by Poppermost Productions

    The first open world, free-to-play skiing and snowboarding game made with CRYENGINE, which aims to recreate a realistic experience and provides continuous winter fun with competitive and explorative gameplay.

  • The Lab by Natalia Galantseva

    This level was created with purpose to explore CRYENGINE possibilities and pump Natalia Galantseva’s modeling and texturing skills.

  • Umbra by Solarfall Games

    A horror fantasy Hack&Slash game made with CRYENGINE. Featuring both single- and multiplayer, free character development, personalized weapon and armor creation, real-time weather and world effects, and multiple locations ranging from dark swamps to frozen mountains.

  • Wrecked Apartment - Quixel by Wiktor Öhman

    The main aim of
    Wrecked Apartment– Quixel was to challenge and teach, which, according to creator Wiktor Öhman, it truly did.

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