The new is coming next week

The new is coming next week

The new and improved is coming next week. We talk about some of the new stuff you'll see and remind you all modding files will be taken down.

Hey all,

We wanted to give you a heads-up about our new CRYENGINE website, and the downtime that will be needed to put it live. Also, a final warning to grab some older files that we will remove on Monday!

As we have previously hinted at on the forums, our web team has been busy working on an all-new CRYENGINE website, and we are excited to finally share it with the public. You will immediately see that the website received an attractive new look, putting the amazing creations of developers using our technology front and center. Who knows- maybe your game could one day be featured as the main banner on the homepage! Equally as important – though less visible for you yet – are many changes we made behind the scenes that will allow us for greater flexibility when it comes to adding and editing content, and to making sure that users will have plenty of reasons to come back to our website. Finally, next week’s launch of the first version of the website lays the groundwork for some important developments in 2016, but more on that later.

One change that some veterans of the community will notice is that starting on Monday, we will no longer be hosting any old files that are related to Far Cry or Crysis games, or modding. The games and their modding communities have helped to build the CRYENGINE development community as we know it today, but with the former CryMod community evolving into CryDev, and finally the CRYENGINE forums, we feel that they no longer fit in with our mission statement for the website and our engine. So please make sure to download any of these files that you might want to go back to in the future!

So, when will all of this happen? The CRYENGINE website will be unavailable for maintenance between 2pm-6pm CET on Monday, December 14th, before returning in all its new and shiny glory.

We are very happy to cap a busy year for CRYENGINE of with this new website, setting the tone for an even bigger 2016.


Marcel Hatam - CRYENGINE Brand Manager 

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