Tuesday Training: June 14th

Tuesday Training: June 14th

Your weekly tutorial roundup!


This week’s training consists solely of Flowgraph training within the engine. We explore how to use math nodes to convert timeofday nodes into different clocks for your levels. We also look at how to store external data and recall it through XML files. Lastly we begin to examine camera initialization and input of an entity. With this knowledge you will have a basic understanding of not only how to print data from your game but also the foundation to move a player in the level space.

We at Crytek hope you enjoy the newest batch of training and I look forward to rounding up a whole new batch of tutorials for everyone in the CE community.

1. Flowgraph - Game Counter https://youtu.be/KVqQentAAsA 

2. Flowgraph - Session Clock https://youtu.be/vUZqBRcW4S8 

3. Flowgraph - World Clock https://youtu.be/VwBFLkAKh7M 

4. Flowgraph - Real-time Clock https://youtu.be/ChgX1bRWWGc 

5. Flowgraph - Input Movement https://youtu.be/bCrL2OEU4Ds 

6. Flowgraph - XML Kill Counter https://youtu.be/UdsrvgMuegA 

7. Flowgraph - XML Writing https://youtu.be/g9_AMihULZk 

8. Flowgraph - XML Reading https://youtu.be/a3q1QSjIZ1Y 

9. Flowgraph - Teleporter https://youtu.be/Cbs04Cq6CRk 

10. AI - Territories and Waves https://youtu.be/YIBMAc_5PRc 

11. AI - Awareness https://youtu.be/huImqOd4fdg 

- Collin

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  • Shylon80

    Thanks :)

  • TheCleanUser

    Hi. Can you make a tutorial about ".usm" files?

  • specta

    Good stuff :)

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