Tuesday Training: June 21st

Tuesday Training: June 21st

Your weekly CRYENGINE tutorial roundup!


This week’s training consists of a couple texture creation vids along with a couple more flowgraph special case scenarios. The we show how to use pathing with our AI to not only walk but also drive a vehicle along a path while entering. The last type of video we showcase is how to make snapshots or rendered image sequences inside of trackview. Eventually stitching them together inside of After Effects.

We at Crytek hope you enjoy the newest batch of training and I look forward to rounding up a whole new batch of tutorials for everyone in the CE community.

1. Trackview - Image Exporting https://youtu.be/fEnzAazjMgE 

2. Flowgraph - Modules https://youtu.be/dk4xR3LnxVU 

3. Flowgraph - Blacklist https://youtu.be/K9r_Ghh3BmM 

4. AI - Using Paths https://youtu.be/QQWhp4qJpz8 

5. Detail Texture Creation https://youtu.be/NZei-j21m4k 

6. Terrain Texture Creation https://youtu.be/iu08fg9XWSw 

- Collin

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