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Star Citizen

Experience a first person universe unlike any other

Immersion and adventure

Star Citizen takes you further than any other online game with an unparalleled level of immersion. Step out of the pilot's seat for the first time: traverse your cockpit, explore planets and cities and even engage in first person boarding actions to take over other ships, bases and orbital platforms. Play with your friends on your wing, watching your back or manning turrets on your ship all in a massive universe that evolves with players instead of against them. At the same time, Squadron 42 will allow players to experience a single-player military campaign. In the grand tradition of Chris Roberts' Wing Commander, players will be propelled through a pulse-pounding and cinematic adventure that will take them into the heart of enemy territory.

Coming to a PC near you

Raw power, unchallenged customization and an open system: why would we choose anything other than the PC? Star Citizen aims to return PC gaming to its former glory by taking advantage of the platform's incredible strengths. Star Citizen will feature constant content updates, fully equipped modding tools and the ability for players to host their own custom servers. The full range of PC peripherals will be embraced, from HOTAS flight sticks to the Oculus Rift; you have control over how you play the game!

Economy and player impact

No more churning out gold: the Star Citizen persistent universe will have a fully simulated game economy driven by supply and demand. The commodities and credits in the game will change the way the universe evolves in dramatic ways, shaped by the player's actions. Failing to mine raw materials means a planet will stop producing missiles and players will compete to arm their ships; mining a surplus will decrease costs. Everything from space pirate attacks to planetary disasters to coordinated efforts from player groups will have a noticeable impact on how goods work in Star Citizen. Everything in turn generates jobs for players and NPCs alike, from planets hiring mercenaries to restore their supply lines to additional haulers to move surplus goods where they're needed.

Live your Dream

Say goodbye to the class-based MMO leveling systems. Star Citizen doesn't introduce arbitrary limitations to drive players to continue to play: it creates an experience they will want to come back to, where their own skill is the limit of their abilities. Whether you want to haul cargo while dodging pirates, join the military, be a smuggler of illicit goods, run a successful corporation, or even be a pirate, there are dozens of ships at your disposal all the way from single seat fighters to corvettes to 2km long carriers that can be captured by an intrepid group. Build your ship to suit the task: explorers might work to earn long range engines, while mercenaries go after more powerful shields. Every element of your ship is customizable: weapons, shields, avionics, power reactors, engines, thrusters and even cockpit decorations. Build the ship of your dreams!

Real Physics, real consequences

No more Space Invaders: Star Citizen's physics are so real, you'll grit your teeth when you crash. Every ship in the game is subject to all the laws of real physics, accurately simulated. By default, they'll employ a fly-by-wire system to control maneuvering thrusters and primary engines.

Each of these thrusters is able to traverse a finite amount and provide a maximum amount of thrust. When a player pulls back on the stick, the game calculates in real-time how quickly the maneuvering thrusters can traverse and apply the amount of thrust allowed by the weight of the ship and respond to the player's input as it pitches up. True hotshots can disable the fly-by-wire system for full control over the most realistic space combat ever simulated!