Asset submission

CRYENGINE Marketplace offers developers a comprehensive library of assets they can use to help them achieve their creative vision for commercial projects. If you would like to be part of the vibrant community of developers uploading assets to the CRYENGINE Marketplace, please familiarize yourself with these requirements and best practice guidelines. Only assets which meet the requirements will be considered for the CRYENGINE Marketplace, while the best practice guidelines will help to ensure the assets you contribute achieve their maximum potential.

Restricted content

You, as the vendor, must have all rights to redistribute all components for the content that you upload. Content you did not create or are not legally allowed to resell cannot be uploaded. Trademarks, logos, or brands that are not owned by you, the vendor, are not permitted. Do not upload any content that can be deemed offensive, contains sexual activity, sexual content, or nudity. Models created using photo-to-model technologies are not suitable for gaming purposes. Content available in the public domain can be included as part of the content uploaded if the following conditions are met:

  • Content used is in the public domain and is redistributable.
  • Content in the public domain does not constitute the majority of the submission.
  • The source of the content in the public domain is clearly cited.
  • The Asset Details Page contains a link to the source of such content, including the public domain usage information.


We take pride in delivering great products and encourage you to submit professional, high-quality assets. Assets submitted are expected to have a consistent scale, orientation, and brightness level, with aesthetically pleasing colors and materials. Assets submitted must be CRYENGINE-ready and, as far as possible, allow for seamless integration and setup. All assets submitted should contain appropriate and easy to understand documentation. Asset marketability can be improved by providing preview images, YouTube, and video demo links. Marketability can be further enhanced by providing complex assets that help users reduce measurable effort with good designs.

Content types

A wide range of content types can be uploaded and sold on the CRYENGINE Marketplace. Please ensure your asset fits into one of the content types listed below:

  • 3D Model
  • Full Project
  • Materials and Shaders
  • Animation
  • Plugins
  • Scripts
  • 2D Vector
  • Sound Effects
  • Photography/Reference Imagery
  • Texture Maps
  • Training/Tutorials
  • Project Template

Naming conventions

Assets should be submitted in .zip or .pak formats, and you must include a readme.txt and license file in the folder. If you are submitting multiple assets, please ensure that each asset is submitted in a folder with an appropriate name, and it is submitted in the correct Marketplace category.

Graphic assets

For models, please use a CRYENGINE ready format. If you wish to include source, please use the FBX file format or Maya and Max formats due to legacy workflows.

Code assets and editor extensions

For models, please use a CRYENGINE-ready format. If you wish to include source, please use the FBX file format or Maya. All code and Editor extensions need to make use of CRYPLUGIN (the engine's plugin system) to integrate custom features. Standalone third-party SDKs are not allowed, and, as is the case for all assets, any extensions which are not CRYENGINE-ready will be rejected. 

Please be mindful of how code assets can impact on other users. Error messages should appear as an inline warning or message/dialog and should contain practical information on fixing problems. It’s important that your code and extension do not throw confusing error messages or null reference exceptions, especially because the code you create will feature in other people’s projects and could negatively impact their code. 

Please ensure that you include instructions in your documentation detailing setup steps and Max formats due to legacy workflows.

Audio assets

Please normalize your audio content before submission to the CRYENGINE Marketplace. This will help to ensure even distribution of your audio asset’s volume. It is also necessary to link to SoundCloud™ – the audio preview system we currently support – when you submit audio assets.

UI content requirements

To submit your assets to the CRYENGINE Marketplace, you have to upload some specific supporting images as well. The specifications below will help to ensure the images promoting your assets are in keeping with the feel of the CRYENGINE Marketplace and don’t lead to a resubmission request. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t use too much text on your image. Communicate your assets visually.
  • Make sure the layout isn’t too busy. Keep it simple!
  • Steer away from gaudy colors.

You can submit up to 10 images to support your asset. Images should be 1920x1080, 16:9, and will be cropped automatically. Remember that the quality of your images and the description that goes along with them will represent your assets, so please be sure to follow the above requirements carefully.

Maintaining and updating assets

Vendors submitting assets to the CRYENGINE Marketplace are expected to keep their content up to date and fix errors immediately after asset submission.

Asset testing

Before submitting an asset, be sure that it works and meets the requirements described in these guidelines. If your asset is not working, it will be declined immediately.

Registration/Sign in

In order to submit an asset, you need to have a vendor account. Log into the CRYENGINE Launcher to start the submission process or register as a vendor if you are a new user.

Submitting an asset

Assets can be submitted using the Submit Asset option in the CRYENGINE Launcher. Please make sure you have installed the Launcher first. Assets must be delivered in a CRYENGINE-ready state. The following information needs to be provided to submit an asset:

  • Select an asset type from the drop-down list. Assets may fail the verification process if they are not correctly identified. Asset types that are not available in the drop-down menu are not supported.
  • Assets can be linked to up to three categories. Selecting relevant categories will ensure the asset is visible to the right users.
  • Enter a name for your asset that meets the submission requirements outlined above.
  • To charge for an asset, select a price in Euros with a value higher than ‘1’. Other currency prices (USD, GBP) are automatically calculated; however, these can be altered if required. Set the price as '0' for a free asset.
  • Add information on the asset composition to provide relevant information for users on the Asset Description Page.
  • Upload screenshots of the asset and select supporting images. The main display image needs to be selected from the images provided.
  • Add a YouTube URL for the asset. The video demonstration or the asset/website-specific content will be embedded and shown on the Asset Details Page.
  • Provide an accurate and detailed description of the asset in English.
  • Submitted assets will be visible under the Library-My Submissions menu, with a corresponding submission state.

Other Questions

If you have any questions about CRYENGINE Marketplace or asset submission, please feel free to contact us via this form