31 Mixamo Characters for Cryengine

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Geometry Polygonal
Polygon count varied
Vertice count varied
UV mapped
UV type Yes, non-overlapping
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31 Mixamo Characters for Cryengine

Here are 31 Mixamo characters setup for use in Cryengine!

Each character is a seperate .zip, so you can pick which ones you want or use them all.

Each .zip contains the following:

  • Complete chracter with source fbx and .max file

  • Can use source fbx to upload to Mixamo and import more animations

  • Each character has two(2) basic animations setup: Walk Forward and Idle

  • Each character has mannequin seups for animations listed above

    • animations are in .caf and .i_caf formats

    • skeleton list file for each (can add in list for use of more than one in engine)

  • Each character has charparams files setup

  • Each character has a basic material file created with textures assigned, ready for your adjustments

    • Textures are in Crytek .tiff source format, allowing for easy changes

      These characters are setup the same way the templates default character, "Motus" is setup

      If this is received positively I will do the other 32 characters to complete all Mixamo charcaters!

January 19, 2022

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