J's Detail Map Pack

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Texture format CryTIF
Width 1024
Height 1024
Color depth 32 bit
Multiple layers
Zipped size 144.40MB
Unzipped size 144.38MB

A total of 39 detail maps (512x and 1024x), only detail maps are used in the preview image.
Files are provided as TIF, you will need to generate metadata via the Resource Compiler to get the required .cryasset files.

September 16, 2020
Must have!!! Its an easy to setup usefull improvement.

Just set your material detail map, activate it in shader generation params and adjust the tiling and behavior via slider. Helps a lot if you get close to materials to avoid blurry textures and make things crispier.

July 29, 2020
Click ,,,,,, noice

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