CRYENGINE 5.2.2 is now available for download

CRYENGINE 5.2.2 is now available for download

Including more fixes to issues found and reported by our diligent community.

Thanks to our ever-vigilant community of CryEngineers, today's minor release includes fixes for 22 issues. As always, please leave your feedback about the latest release in the forums.

Minor releases are intended to only fix issues and problems instead of adding new features. For more information on what we plan to include in our next major release, CRYENGINE 5.3, please check our public roadmap.

Full release notes for CRYENGINE 5.2.2


Fixed: (Linux) RenderThread stackoverflow. Increment stack from 128kb -> 256kb.

Tweaked: Increment some stack sizes to prevent potential stack overflow.


Tweaked: Note that redistribution of mfc140.dll from Windows/system32 is okay.


Fixed: Other players not rotating by default.


Fixed: Top down shooter bullet mass being inconsistent with the other templates - fixes boxes not moving when shot as in other templates.

Fixed: Template player being revived outside of Editor game mode

Graphics and Rendering

Fixed: (Render) Enabling Total_Illumination_v2 will make dissolving of shadows choppy.

Editor General

Fixed: Navigation areas not updating world bounding box correctly and not updating themselves when height was altered.

Fixed: Crash when removing the last toolbar from the toolbar customization screen.

Fixed: Crash that was occurring when a toolbar was loaded and contained a non-existent & non-custom command.

Fixed: Importing alembic files (.abc) doesn't work in Live-Version 5.2.1.

Fixed: Crash in LevelLayerModel when an object within a group or prefab was linked to a sibling. Issue was resolved by making sure the order of operations was sane: detach, then attach; rather than start attaching, detach, finish attaching.

Designer Tool

Fixed: Subdivide tool not exiting after freezing.

Fixed: Bevel tool not exitable with escape after finishing.

Fixed: Designer crash when setting invalid tool and quickly moving the mouse over the render viewport.

Fixed: Crash on trying to access unused parent tool variable from freed Designer Tool.

Particle Editor

Fixed: Fixed a crash when creating connections after multiple nodes were deleted.

Fixed: Fixed a crash that occured when clicking into an empty curve editor widget.

Fixed: Fixed a crash that occured when removing a feature with pin.

Fixed: Blocked not allowed dragging of feature dragging with right mouse button.

Resource Compiler

Fixed: FBX importer has artifacts - caused by missing smoothing information.

Fixed: Engine crashes when saving any material/texture changes in the FBX importer.

Known Issues

The Visual C++ 11.0 x86 and x64 redistributable packages must be installed. They are available at .

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  • RG_CryProLicense

    Android support

  • RG_CryProLicense

    CryEngine, poderia aceitar compilações para Android, Smart Phone, Tablet, e mais. Já contem iOS.

  • Vadim751326845

    When I installed everything and began to come to me writes error loading dll crylnput.dll error code 183

  • Saintharem

    This is my thoughts on Crytek: I have been the biggest Crytek fan since the beginning, and I have played your games and used your engine and have told my friends to buy your games and they have liked them, but Crytek has taken the wrong direction for many years now. I hope Crytek in the future considers using a physics based system similar to DMM ("Digital Molecular Matter"). If Crytek ever were to make a sandbox shooter again, DMM is the technology they should take advantage of; just as well, they absolutely need to bring back the 'lean' feature, and the ability to prone -- no exceptions. They do not need to make the mistake that Blizzard made. I played World of Warcraft for 10 years and am still one of the greatest PvPers, but now I won't even buy the new expansion because the game has been dumbed down. If Crytek wants to improve their games, then they need to tone-down the scripted events; they need to add multiple paths which lead to multiple destinations; they need to make it so that enemies spawn in different locations when you play the map again, which adds replay value; they need to remove obnoxious HUD such as the map which shows you where enemies are, and they need to remove the arrow that tells you where to go, these things are simply idiotic and reduce the fun of the game -- why should I be able to see the enemies when they are behind a wall? They also need to reduce in-game cutscenes and tiresome dialogue which feels like a chore to listen to. There are two codes of conduct which make Crytek's games better than any competitor, and these are: (1)Variability in gameplay, and (2)dynamism. Now I will finalize my words with this: The physics system needs to be ubiqitous, thus making the game dynamic, and the game needs to have a randomizing spawner, where it can choose from a list of objects to put in an environment, and when you go to that environment again, then the objects will be different, and the enemies will be in different places. This is fairly easy to program, but if it is done wrong, then it will be only a lame gimmick; if done right, then it will keep the game fresh and entertaining.

  • Vadim751326845

    I can't go into the editor I have an error CryEngine engine 5.2 has not been registered locally

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