CRYENGINE Master Class: Schematyc

CRYENGINE Master Class: Schematyc

No coding skills? No problem! In our CRYENGINE 5.3 release we rolled out Schematyc, a node-based visual scripting language which changes the way you can build gameplay systems in CRYENGINE.

The system was designed for our development teams at Crytek so that they could offload work from programmers by allowing our designers to produce gameplay scripts easily themselves. Schematyc means that non-coders can rapidly prototype and iterate on ideas which can be taken into the final production. That’s less wasted work, and means that prototypes can be polished up, rather than thrown away and reproduced. More than that, it’s actually possible to create an entire game in CRYENGINE without any C++ or C# skills by using Schematyc. 

This feature is great for larger teams to free up programmers, but is also really useful for smaller teams or solo outfits who may not have much, or any, programming resource. In a way, it can be considered similar to Flowgraph, but the fine grain control it gives you over elements like player entity and cameras which were traditionally the domain of programmers puts even more power into your hands. Schematyc is in beta, and you can read up more about how it can make your production simpler and in our previous blog. However, in case you missed them, we recently launched a series of video tutorials where our resident experts Colin and Paul take you through everything you need to know to get started with creating dynamic gameplay in Schematyc. Check out episode 1 of 5 below and check out our updated documentation pages on the matter!

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  • themodman101

    Awesome! Good to see this important feature more fully documented. Its been quite a trip learning it so far. And im very impressed with the implications of the system for interaction. Just need more of those upcoming components like animation and physics to round out the system for our use.

  • ahmad0karami

    congratulation,I was really impressed,I of 2013, I was waiting for the this day,now next step is CryEngine 5.4 , I hope , CryEngine team , show us ,preview CryEngine 5.4 in GDC 2017,you are amazing CryEngine team,thanks

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