CRYENGINE on Twitch: Q&A Stream with CRYENGINE devs

CRYENGINE on Twitch: Q&A Stream with CRYENGINE devs

Senior System Editor David Kaye, Senior Engine Programmer Achim Lang, and Senior System Programmer Nico Moss talk CRYENGINE past, present, and future live on Twitch.

Did you miss our last CRYENGINE Twitch stream? Catch up on all the latest CRYENGINE news below.

Senior System Editor David Kaye on GitHub, source code, and the “Make Game” button

“We are very grateful to the people who have taken the time to find issues and fix them and push them back to us.” –David Kaye

For the first 30 minutes of the Developer Q&A, we sat down with Senior System Editor David Kaye. He answered a lot of questions about implementing GitHub, a task that, he said, took him four to five months. “There were about 5000 files that needed updating. It took some time, but it was fun.”

The addition of GitHub is one of many improvements that the engine team is making to CRYENGINE in order to make it easier to use, especially for anyone interested to digging into our full engine source code. “Rather than making people go out and collect all the SDKs manually,” Kaye explained, “we wanted to make building the engine as simple as possible.”

According to Kaye, the CRYENGINE community also played an important role in implementing GitHub as impromptu, pre-launch testers. “That was a massive help. If we hadn’t opened up the testing like that it would have been delayed for at the very least another week,” Kaye noted.

Don’t miss: Unifying the build scripts at 15:05, syncing the source code with the public code (18:10), Visual Studio (21:19), and upcoming trends (22:38).

Senior Engine Programmer Achim Lang and Senior System Programmer Nico Moss on updates, development, and the future of CRYENGINE

If you’d like to skip to this part of the stream, go to 34:15 in the video.

The second half of the stream featured Senior Engine Programmer Achim Lang and Senior System Programmer Nico Moss. They covered a lot of topics, but the one they seemed most excited about was Game Zero, which makes it easier to start a non-FPS game from scratch by giving developers a clean slate.

“Game Zero is the start of a new era of game development based on CRYENGINE,” Lang said.

The next release will be coming shortly and is intended to stabilize some known issues rather than introduce anything new. But Kaye and Lang both had a lot to say about their vision for the engine’s future. According to Moss, on top of putting a lot of focus on VR development, “We’re going to go more modular. Game SDK is already separate. So I think CryAction will be stripped…We want to have separate systems, and we want to have separate modules for it.”

Both had a lot of positive words for the community, whose feedback they see as invaluable. “It is always good to get (community) feedback. This is what I want to say to the community: A big thanks.”

Don’t miss: The history of CRYENGINE (39:30), CryCore (44:20), how licensee suggestions are integrated into the engine (50:32), multithreading (57:30), contents of the next release (58:10), the future of CRYENGINE (1:06:15), and Vulkan support (1:07:07).

Watch the full stream below:

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