CRYENGINE V Hotfix #2 is here

CRYENGINE V Hotfix #2 is here

We are deploying fixes for the Sandbox, WAF, SVOGI, terrain and a couple more!

Here is the full list of fixes we are bringing in this hotfix:

  • Fix serialization of SVOTI feature flag in EditorQT, state should now be remembered
  • Fix red vegetation if used with terrain color and some cases of red terrain 
  • Fixed and re-enabled PRO for terrain, removed DefaultPersistentRenderObject from RenderMesh 
  • Material dialogs now display newly created materials
  • Fix a scenario where WAF could not open the options dialog due to Bootstrap settings being required
  • Copy some materials and textures used in every project to EngineAssets. This fixes ReplaceMe textures showing up after ie, creating a terrain.
  • Fix Sandbox (both) from hanging in the “loading plugins” phase of startup.

All the best,


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  • March 17, 2016

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  • March 23, 2016

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  • vicpose

    How can I download HOTFIX #2? Crylauncher still says version 5.0.0. Pls Help!!

  • 23phy

    In this day, i downloaded the CryEngine 5.0.0 and the problem with 'hanging in the “loading plugins”' phase is still here.

  • Unknown User

    Is there a download, or do we redownload the engine in the launcher. it still says version Anyone?

  • redsunschan

    How to download this hotfix? The launcher have not download anythings even this hotfix released so many days...

  • Unknown User

    I can´t find a link to the hotfix in launcher\n

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