Feast Your Eyes on a New CRYENGINE® Tech Trailer

Feast Your Eyes on a New CRYENGINE® Tech Trailer

Take a closer look at the game-changing power of CRYENGINE® at work in Crysis 3

Showcasing the power of their next-gen ready development solution, CRYENGINE®, Crytek GmbH today released a tech trailer featuring impressive in-game footage of Crysis 3.
The trailer provides a closer look at CryENGINE features like Tesselation, Pixel Accurate Displacement Mapping, Real-Time Volumetric Cloud Shadows, Composite 3D Lens Flares & FX, Procedural HDR Flares and Shapes, 3rd generation Real-Time Global Illumination, Dynamic Water Volume Caustics, Real-Time Volumetric Fog Shadows, Real-Time Area Lights, Unlimited Particle FX Lighting, Integrated Cloth & Vegetation Simulation, as well as offering viewers a fresh glimpse into the world of Crysis 3 ahead of its launch in February next year.
See the trailer now here  and tap into the power of CryENGINE® 3 for yourself by downloading our free CryENGINE® 3 SDK.

You can also download the trailer here.

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  • undeadzmb

    It's eye candy, that what this game is.

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