Homefront: The Revolution Announces Closed Beta in February

Homefront: The Revolution Announces Closed Beta in February

Xbox One owners can get their hands on Dambuster Studios' latest title in less than one month.


Dambuster Studios recently told the world what Philadelphia was all about in the events of Homefront: The Revolution and gave us a release date: May 17th. Today they bring us another perspective into the role the Freedom Fighters have in the fight against the KPA, and a little extra bonus regarding their Closed Beta:

Xbox One users who register at the Homefront website, could have early access to Closed Beta and Resistance Mode, the four-player co-operative missions from February 11-14. In this mode players take on the KPA in squads of up to four Resistance fighters. Your enemy has the advantage in firepower and technology, so you and your Resistance Cell will use guerrilla tactics as best as you can.

In Dambuster's words: "Resistance Mode will have around 12 diverse Missions when Homefront: The Revolution releases on May 17, 2016. After that, we are planning to release an additional twenty Missions. All Missions will be FREE so you and your fellow Fighters can always play together!".

Homefront: The Revolution will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 17th.

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