New Free 3ds Max Tools

New Free 3ds Max Tools

Today we’re releasing a new toolset on CRYENGINE Marketplace to help improve your workflow with CRYENGINE and 3ds Max. To accompany the release of ceMaxUtils, Technical Artist Danny Man and Product Manager Collin Bradford Bishop host two new tutorial videos which show how artists can get up and running quickly with the new toolset which is available as a free download now.

The main goal of ceMaxUtils is to ease the workflow with the rigging and animation system in 3ds Max and CRYENGINE, which will be useful for 3D artists, modeling artists, and technical artists. The toolset also adds many more features to become a powerful and flexible system, which will be further improved over time. Previously, artists were restricted to using Character Studio Biped for character animation. With ceMaxUtils you can easily export game animation for CRYENGINE from inside 3ds Max and CAT. It also adds an alternative way to use rigging and animation functions beyond the standard 3ds Max tools. Other features in ceMaxUtils include a collision mesh generation tool, which uses a speedy new algorithm to quickly apply a physics mesh to an object, and a new vertex coloring system which automates the application of color gradients to an object, which will be especially useful for artists creating vegetation. Both of these features offer a significant upgrade to our current CryMaxTools by simplifying and accelerating processes.  

Want to find out more? Download ceMaxUtils directly from CRYENGINE Marketplace, read the full notes of all the new features in the package download, and watch two tutorials to get you started. 

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  • themodman101

    Awesome to see this getting expanded! Looks like I wont have to make as many tools myself now! May release some of my own at some point here soon.

  • DarkSheep

    Very good effort for Max users. But as Blender artist, nothing for me. Thx god for BCry tools.

  • tothespace

    Thanks for the tool. I've never used CAT until now. I think I'm going to use it a lot :) very very cool. Btw, why have the artist been restricted to using only biped character? Isn't it possible to export it as fbx and import into the engine? although it's more cumbersome.

  • koolian

    Can not place a purchase. At the further registration the system returns again to registration of purchase. This is normal?

  • brunobwr2

    Love CEV :)

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