New to CRYENGINE? Our Getting Started Guide has got you covered!

New to CRYENGINE? Our Getting Started Guide has got you covered!

You asked for it – we’ve done it. If you’re new to CRYENGINE or a veteran who just wants to brush up on the latest and most important features, you can now download our Getting Started With CRYENGINE guide.

There are all kinds of ways to learn or deepen your CRYENGINE knowledge, whether that’s through video tutorials, our extensive documentation (including comprehensive manuals and sections dedicated to the areas you need) or simply by joining the community and swapping knowledge on our forums.

Today, we’re adding a new way for you to get up and running quickly with CRYENGINE. We’ve had a lot of requests for a quick-start guide that you can use offline, so we’re pleased to share a PDF which covers everything you need to start your new CRYENGINE project. From the basics of managing projects, installing plugins, and getting started with the sandbox editor to a full glossary of CRYENGINE terms, you can find it all in our new document here.

This document was put together in direct response to community requests, and we’re always looking at how we can improve our learning offerings. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and questions on our forums, Facebook, and Twitter and keep your suggestions coming.


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  • klendigocci

    Now that you made the engine free no royalties no shits something awesome for all developers to hear thank you for that, personally i'm a unity developer who develop with C#. When i heard that CRYENGINE supports C# now i was amazed and i', going to try it. Now that it's optimized and runs better even on old pc it will attract many developers, but what's wrong?? YOUR DOCUMENTATION please make something for it. Some employee should do scripting tutorials and write some documentation, if I had the knowledge I would do that for free since you are too lazy or idk why. I think that you get to work and do some clean and detailed documentation. That's missing step from getting a lot users.

  • fieldhood

    Nothing new to see here. Always the same basic b.s. documentation. Where is the actual content for your indi community to grow????????

  • kerem103

    Eee, let us teach you what are we going to do I do not have english to translate If you make a turkish tutorial We will be grateful you are a bit of a company that is open to the world Surely it will not be heavy to you thank you cryengine

  • kerem103

    eee hadi siz ö?reticiden yararland?n?z biz ne olucaz devaml? dilmi çevirece?iz benim ingilizcem yok türkçe bir ö?retici yaparsan?z minnettar kal?r?z biraz bizi dü?ünün dünyaya aç?lm?? bir firmas?n?z elbet bunu yapmak size a??r gelmez te?ekkürler

  • silver008

    I like the good old Far Cry Editor manual that came with the first Crytek's game. There was 250 pages and a detailed documentation on how to work with Sandbox 1 editor. It came in multiple languages. I learned from it and it was very helpful for the complete beginner. I would like to see something like that in the future, people will appreciate it.

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