Now hiring: Join the CRYENGINE team

Now hiring: Join the CRYENGINE team

Love CRYENGINE? Why not join the CRYENGINE team? We’re currently looking to fill a number of CRYENGINE community positions at Crytek’s headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

We’re looking for engine experts to join our team in Frankfurt, and no one knows CRYENGINE like our community. Check out the following open positions:

CRYENGINE Community Manager

Apply if you’d like to: manage the CRYENGINE community and social channels, plan community activities, assist with forum moderation, facilitate community feedback, collaborate with business development, and provide CRYENGINE analysis from a community perspective.

CRYENGINE Technical Community Manager

Apply if you’d like to: coordinate community support on social media, establish guidelines and processes for community support and moderation, act as the contact between CRYENGINE community and developers, collaborate with the CRYENGINE dev team, report on trends, and provide regular reports on feedback and issues.

CRYENGINE Evangelist

Apply if you’d like to: run, organize, speak at, and attend meet-ups, conferences, and other events; talk about the benefits of using CRYENGINE with developers online; produce marketing and training materials; provide community support and moderation; train developers and educators; build strong relationships in the games industry; collect internal and external feedback; collaborate with the business development team; document CRYENGINE success stories; inspire developers to experiment with CRYENGINE; and work with an international team.


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