SNOW Open Beta is here. Bring your friends, no skis needed!

SNOW Open Beta is here. Bring your friends, no skis needed!

In the spirit of the winter season, the first Open World Winter Sports game and biggest Ski Simulator to date is now available for all. Did we mention it’s free?

SNOW is one of the most ambitious indie CRYENGINE games in development, and we congratulate our friends at Poppermost Productions for reaching this important milestone. After playing the game together in a few streams (and Extra Life 2015!) we’d love to see all extra features they’ve implemented since Closed Alpha.

They’ve already talked about customization and how players can individualize themselves with over 700 items from the 31 clothing and equipment brands they have partnered with. It was no small feat to jump from 11 to 31 winter sports brands and draw the attention of the big players like Red Bull.

A community favorite feature is the Replay Manager: “SNOW is a game about self expression and there's no better way of doing that than by making an edit to show off what you get up to on the mountain”. This free-cam feature has given players the means to show-off their dedication and most amazing tricks.

But now let’s talk about what you might have not heard about. SNOW launched with 6 mountain areas and a limited amount of drop zones. Today you can explore 15 unique areas that range from classic ski parks and a castle, to an observatory and a plane crash. Need help finding your way through the mountain? Their new little Drone can be activated to find new lines down the mountain.

While competitive multiplayer is still in development, players can join their friends for Free Roam sessions full of interesting new features “that give players reasons to explore and spend time honing their skills”. Exploring the mountain unlocks Drop Points where players can spawn for easier access to new areas and also help with Player Progression, where you are rewarded for tricks and certain actions with credits, exclusive items and even new levels.

And for snowboarding fans, boards will be added during Open Beta to settle once and for all if snowboarding is cooler than skiing!

SNOW is free for PC on Steam, with a Play Station 4 launch coming later this year. VR enthusiasts will also enjoy SNOW on Oculus Rift and PSVR in 2016.

Play SNOW now.

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