Tuesday Training: April 26th

Tuesday Training: April 26th

Your weekly CRYENGINE tutorial round-up!


This week’s training begins with another chapter on our blendspaces. It also showcases setting up the lens flares in your scene and another audio video to randomize sounds in a shape container. Also two content example videos are listed to showcase the studio head setup and the environment examples that ship with the GameSDK.

1. Lens Flare Basics https://vimeo.com/164242954

2. Blendspace - Idle Turn Retargeting https://vimeo.com/163538239

3. AAR - Audio Area Random https://vimeo.com/163673595

4. Head Studio Lighting https://vimeo.com/160461120

5. Environment Library https://vimeo.com/161691293

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  • April 22, 2016

Community Spotlight: Voxlings

  • April 29, 2016

Looking ahead: GPU Fluid Dynamics for Particles


  • cry-angela

    Hi there! We're also uploading our videos to YouTube, but the first place of publication is our Vimeo channel.

  • Unknown User

    How about we have a FIX the broken website day

  • silver008

    Vimeo, but why not youtube?

  • Unknown User

    Assim mesmo. A crytek deve por videos em C# como tambem em c++.. este videos sao basicos dos basicos. assim parece que vem a perder os meus votos

  • Unknown User

    Great list of new tutorials, but we still need to see some C# tutorials as of right now its a bit difficult to see how to get things working properly at the base level.

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