Tuesday Training: May 31st

Tuesday Training: May 31st

Your weekly CRYENGINE tutorial roundup!



This weeks training focuses around a coding example provided to us from a licensee named Filip Lundgren. Filip has been a well known user of CRYENGINE that has published a book on usage with the engine along with an early implementation of a C# framework that was used in FreeSDK projects. Since then he has carried on being the Technical Director at Poppermost Studio located in Sweden providing gamers with the title SNOW for carving fresh powder on the slopes all rendered real-time in CRYENGINE.

His example demonstrates a basic C++ project for creation of gameobjects including:

  • Animated entities 
  • Environment probes
  • Physicalized entities 

Not only does it come with the full Visual Studio solution file but also a breakdown on the scene contents in the documentation and a revamping of the gameobject reference to mirror the same best practices that were used to construct the scene.

C++ Sample Documentation Page 

Game Objects Reference 

We hope you enjoy this weeks training and look forward to more releases week after week.

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