Tuesday Training: May 3rd

Tuesday Training: May 3rd

Your weekly CRYENGINE tutorial roundup!


This week’s training begins with a simple designer tool modeling demo to showcase the concepts displayed in the Chinese Garden timelapse. We then begin to create a new beginner level and several aspects in the level are covered. It begins with the terrain and setting up vegetation. We then explore simple global lighting and the options you have to create clouds in your world. For the 3rd and last part shown up to this point we place brushes and entities in the scene that includes an AI agent and navmesh for pathfinding.

1. Designer Tool - Bridge Modeling https://vimeo.com/164569901

2. First Level – Terrain Creation https://vimeo.com/164608063

3. First Level – Lighting and Clouds https://vimeo.com/164608497

4. First Level – Placement and Entities https://vimeo.com/164608714

  • May 02, 2016

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  • Unknown User

    Hi guys, I Know,there is a small Problem,i can with C# in Cryengine 5 ,create shoot Grenade ,Projectile Object,Raycast camera,player and move player and etc? i can create AI Object and new code and independent of Temple AI Object??? Can be used with C # in CryENGINE 5 all objects control just Like Unity 5? Can anything be done as a unity 5 with C #? I mean that quite independently of Flowgraph and C ++ function? Is C # in CryENGINE 5 is completely independent? there is no Video training for C# in CryENGINE 5 !!! WHY??!!! Please Help Me. Thank You

  • SinPie

    vimeo sucks, upload them to youtube aswel, i'm tired of vimeo its streaming is slow, its video player is buggyshit (skip ahead on the time to unbuffered area, then skip back it completely screws up the timeline, or just how the audio doubles up sometimes).. Why can't you just upload the videos to youtube and link them aswel instead please. at least then its quicker, it has a better more stable videoplayer, and its can just download the playlist for offline viewing later.. vimeo wouldn't be so bad if they sorted out their issues but they've been told so many times over the years.

  • Unknown User

    Bye CryEngine 5,Unreal Engine 4 and Unity

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