Update on the CRYENGINE Indie Development Fund

Update on the CRYENGINE Indie Development Fund

An update on what is going on with out Indie Development Fund.

Hi all,

Back in March at GDC, we announced the Indie Development Fund as part of the launch of CRYENGINE V and the Pay What You Want business model. We created the Indie Development Fund as a way to give back to our community – the developers and creators who have been inspiring us with their work since we first released CRYENGINE – by offering financial support to indie devs doing exciting work with the engine.

Anyone working on an indie game using CRYENGINE is eligible to apply for funding, and to kick it all off, we’ve pledged $1 million. Additional funds will come from contributions collected via the Pay What You Want model, where CRYENGINE users can allocate up to 70% of their contribution to our continued engine development.

Since that first announcement, we’ve been taking application submissions, and a few deadlines that we mentioned are coming up. About that…

We originally set June 10th as the application deadline, with winners to be announced in late June. However, after further discussion, we realized we needed to make some changes to the program in order to offer our community the kind of support we envision. If our community can donate money, we reasoned, we also wanted them to be able to be a part of the decision-making process.

To this end, we’re building a new online application system with a public gallery where the community can vote on their favorites and weigh in on what projects they think are most deserving of funding. We are currently busy finishing this new system, and look forward to CRYENGINE community members soon being able to cast its vote on the best work being created by their fellow developers.

We apologize for this delay, and will make an announcement with a new application deadline as soon as everything is ready, and the community will be part of the decision-making process. 


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  • Unknown User

    No, old and new applications go through the same process and we saved all submissions :)

  • Unknown User

    No, we saved all previous applications and they're still up for consideration.

  • romahassanih

    So, is it necessary to apply again? =)

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