Art Asset Pipeline: PBR Texture Mapping Tutorial Part 2
Art Asset Pipeline: PBR Texture Mapping Tutorial Part 2

Art Asset Pipeline: PBR Texture Mapping Tutorial Part 2

Watch the second part in our tutorial mini-series showing you how to use PBR (physically based rendering) to achieve photorealism with CRYENGINE.

Part two of our PBR tutorial mini-series hosted by Alin Alexa, one of our Technical Support Specialists, is out now. The first tutorial in the series introduces you to the terms and concepts used in PBR and texturing workflow, giving you a broad understanding of the topic. The second part of this series provides a practical step-by-step guide that you can follow along with to use photorealistic assets in your projects.

This tutorial gives you an overview of the CryTiff Exporter, provides you with an export workflow for standard PBR Textures, and includes an explanation of Alpha Channels and their use in game development and image workflows. You’ll also be shown how to achieve realistic surface reflection in games, and you’ll be introduced to screen-space reflections and cubemaps. By the end of this series, you will be equipped with an understanding of PBR and workflows to help you create and use amazingly realistic assets in your games.

To get the most out of this tutorial, you should be familiar with the basics of game development and using CRYENGINE. If you are completely new to CRYENGINE, we recommend that you download our beginner’s course or watch the tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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