CRYENGINE 5.3.3 is now available for download
CRYENGINE 5.3.3 is now available for download

CRYENGINE 5.3.3 is now available for download

Today’s update includes various fixes and marks the launch of a new C# Rolling Ball template. We’re also removing the Sydewinder project from the engine, making it available as a standalone download from CRYENGINE Marketplace instead.

This is a minor release and is intended to address problems and fix issues rather than add major new features. For more information on the planned features for our next major release, CRYENGINE 5.4, please check out our public roadmap.

We couldn’t make these and future improvements to CRYENGINE without the vital support of the community, so thank you for all of your assistance and feedback. 

The C# Rolling Ball template is a simple game which is ideal for people who are unfamiliar with using C# in CRYENGINE. This template demonstrates how you can use the Entity Component to modify the behavior of entities in your game, use physics to move entities around a level, and receive input from the player. It’s a great way to get up and running quickly with C# and CRYENGINE.

The Sydewinder tutorial is now available as a standalone download from the CRYENGINE Marketplace. Sydewinder focuses on programming-driven game development and presents an endless side- scrolling game with a high score counter. This tutorial guides you through all the necessary steps in order to get started from scratch using the CE# Framework , as well as direct interaction with CryEngine.Common. You can download it here.

Full Release Notes for 5.3.3

Game Templates

New: Added RollingBall template to the C# game template selection.

Refactored: Removed the Sydewinder application - this will be maintained as a separate project and is available as a download from the CRYENGINE Marketplace.


Audio General

Fixed: Bug where the MS compiler auto-vectorizer produced illegal instructions in mpeg code.


Engine General

Fixed: Added ScaleformHelper to builds.

Fixed: Download of 5.3.1 SDKs package.

Fixed: Crash during Scaleform shutdown.


Fixed: Sydewinder doesn't close properly in Launcher.

Fixed: Encoding fixes for command line parsing.

Fixed: Crash reporter not producing crash dumps on Windows 7.


Fixed: ScaleformHelper usage by WAF (all configs) and CMake (release config).

Tweaked: Don't monolithically link MonoBridge into release configs, it's an optional feature.

Tweaked: Copy the right portaudio binaries (performance and release config).


Optimized: Don't copy unnecessary debug DLLs or PDBs to bin/win_x64.

Fixed: Compiler detection for VS2017. 

Action General

Fixed: The ability to load a second level after the first has been loaded.


Fixed: The Input class not registering mouse -movement.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and questions on the forumFacebook, and Twitter