CRYENGINE Master Class – Intro to Cinematic Storytelling
CRYENGINE Master Class – Intro to Cinematic Storytelling

CRYENGINE Master Class – Intro to Cinematic Storytelling

We’re releasing exclusive CryINSIDER content publicly for the first time, and you’re in for a treat. We’re starting off with Crytek Senior Cinematic Artist Joe Garth, who has worked on titles like Crysis, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Robinson: The Journey , letting you in on some of his cinematic secrets.

CRYENGINE Insiders – that is, everyone who has a subscription – receive access to frequent live webinars with our engineers, developers, and artists. While everyone subscribing and continuously contributing to CRYENGINE development gets access to that content, we are now starting to release older, but still relevant, learning materials into the wild.

We’re starting strong with this four-part tutorial by Cinematic Artist Joe Garth. Garthshares some of his secrets from 8 years designing cinematics at Crytek for our biggest franchises, including the Crysis series, Warface, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Robinson: the Journey.

In this video, Joe introduces the world of cinematics by talking about his own career and how he ended up doing what he loves for a living. He explores tips and tricks for physically based rendering and trackview. He also talks about the aesthetic basics for creating moving pictures and how to achieve the audience reaction you’re aiming for.

Getting hands on with CRYENGINE, in this video Joe focuses on cinematic language and lighting techniques, as well as general tips for making things look good. Joe talks through various cinematic terminology, including the names for different shot types, rules of composition, and framing. He also takes a look at CRYENGINE's powerful atmospherics and lighting and discusses how to use techniques like rim lighting and depth of field to draw attention to certain areas of the frame.

We’re coming full circle in this final video in the series, where Joe speaks about how to build a strong script and nourish an interesting story within a short time frame, as well as how to deliver on time and on budget. Techniques you can use to refine your cinematic shots and polish them to completion are also included, as well as tips for content creation and mass appeal.

You can check out all of the videos on the CRYENGINE YouTube channel, where you will also find many, many more tutorials to improve your development. If you like what you see and would like to be able to participate in our live webinars--where you can ask questions directly and get answers in real time--or suggest topics we could cover in the future, consider checking out our membership plans right here. As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback on the usual channels - forums, Facebook, and Twitter .