CRYENGINE Master Class – Introduction to Audio in CRYENGINE V
CRYENGINE Master Class – Introduction to Audio in CRYENGINE V

CRYENGINE Master Class – Introduction to Audio in CRYENGINE V

We’re delighted to release our latest in-depth tutorial which was previously only available to CryINSIDERS. In today’s video, you will receive a wide-ranging introduction to audio in CRYENGINE from Florian Fusslin, Audio Director at Crytek, who has worked on the audio for several of our games, including most recently Robinson: The Journey and our in-development shooter Hunt.

Audio is a vital element of any game; excellent audio enhances gameplay and keeps your players engaged. Audio which doesn’t work quickly breaks immersion and can render any experience flat. The video is a webinar which, in under an hour, will cover everything you need to know about working with audio in CRYENGINE 5.1.  The techniques, tips, and tricks you’ll learn are battle-hardened and have been used in productions loved by players around the world. 

The video covers the audio translation layer, audio workflow, audio controls editor, default controls, various audio entities in CRYENGINE which you can populate your work with, and audio trigger options via different tools like the character editor. The flexibility of CRYENGINE to allow developers to work with different audio middleware simply and easily is also explained, so you’re able to use the audio tools that work best for your project. 

This tutorial will be useful for anyone working with audio. You can find more documentation about working with audio in CRYENGINE here. This is our latest release of CryINSIDER content and follows our recent video tutorials on cinematic storytelling, a four part series from Senior Cinematic Artist Joe Garth which reveals strategies and techniques developed working on cinematics for our biggest franchises. You can find these videos, and more, on our CRYENGINE YouTube channel

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We hope you find these videos useful. As ever, we look forward to your feedback on our usual channels – in the comments section, the CRYENGINE forumFacebook, and on Twitter