CRYENGINE Master Class – Introduction to UI
CRYENGINE Master Class – Introduction to UI

CRYENGINE Master Class – Introduction to UI

Welcome to the next release in a series of video tutorials that were previously only available to CRYENGINE Insider subscribers. Want to create UI in your game? Then dive into our new video and in just under an hour you’ll be shown how to deliver great UI with CRYENGINE, simply and quickly, using professional level techniques.

The webinar features Jan Neugebauer from our UI Programming Team who is currently working on Hunt Showdown, which is coming to Early Access on Steam, and has also worked on the games including the Crysis series and Robinson The Journey. The webinar shows you the simplest and easiest way to get UI into CRYENGINE from a 2d and 3d object perspective, and takes you through every step required. Great UI is vital for gamers, so if you want to give your players a professional-level experience, check out the video and get all the knowledge you need, including techniques, tips, and tricks used on shipped titles. 

This tutorial follows the release of our Introduction to Cinematic Storytelling, a four part series of tutorials hosted by Joe Garth, Senior Cinematic Artist at Crytek. It is an essential watch for anyone looking create cinematic shots with polish and mass appeal. And if you want to up your audio game, don’t miss our Introduction to Audio tutorial which covers the audio translation layer, audio workflow, audio controls editor, and much more, hosted by Florian Fusslin, Audio Director at Crytek. 

These webinars were made available first to CRYENGINE Insider subscribers. Subscribers receive access to regular live tutorials with our engineers, developers, and artists and are able to interact directly with the hosts during in real time. If you would like to get access to these tutorials first and participate in future live webinars—where you can ask questions and get answers in real time—check out our CRYENGINE membership plans. Becoming a member also means you’ll be contributing directly to the development of CRYENGINE, and you’ll also be able to suggest future topics for webinars. 

You can check out all of these tutorials on the CRYENGINE YouTube channel, where you will also find many, many more videos which will help you improve your development skills. As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback on the usual channels - forumFacebook, and Twitter


November 10, 2017 18:50

what about programming solutions for non coders and why there is no detailed documentation?

Cryengine Lover

November 03, 2017 17:30

Its a great video but, is there a way to change some of the UI within the flowgraphs? (What the text says none of the graphical parts)

October 20, 2017 18:44

@lavizh thank you, i'll try it out.

October 20, 2017 16:46

@NTDai FlashDevelop?

October 20, 2017 15:38

@lavizh what is it, what's its name? Please give me a keyword!!!
@EndiHaxhi no need to waste your time with that guy