CRYENGINE Summer Academy Episode 5 is here!
CRYENGINE Summer Academy Episode 5 is here!

CRYENGINE Summer Academy Episode 5 is here!

Special guest host Support Engineer Joshua Nuttall presents a C++ coding tutorial in CRYENGINE Summer Academy episode 5.

Join us for the next episode of our CRYENGINE Summer Academy, a fifteen-part series for newcomers to CRYENGINE and those who already have some game dev experience. The series uses a prototype platforming game called Breeze as a learning aid to show you the fundamentals of game development.

Today's episode is a special tutorial hosted by Support Engineer Joshua Nuttall, who will show you how to set up the character you see in Breeze. The video is a step-by-step tutorial that uses Visual Studio and our engine and assumes that you have a basic understanding of programming. If you're new to the series, catch up with the episodes listed below today's tutorial.

In this episode, the first of several complementary tutorials to augment the Crytek Summer Academy series, Joshua shows you how to add customize the player character and camera in code, including adding sprinting and jumping movements using the 3rd person template as a base. Joshua explains the changes that were made to the default template and code structure to create the Breeze player controller, detailing the topics of initialization, input bindings, movement, and camera logic.

The tutorial shows you how to manipulate and test different variables, including setting the player's velocity as they run on the ground and jump through the air. In addition to movement, Joshua also shows you how to set up the camera just like it is in Breeze. Throughout the tutorial, in addition to practical step-by-step instructions for character and camera movement, Joshua also shows you best practices for adding CVars so designers and artists can easily tweak various functions at runtime.

New to the series? Catch up here:

Episode 1: Course introduction, plus basic game dev techniques, including making a character move.

Episode 2: Use the Cry Designer tool to quickly prototype levels and game mechanics.

Episode 3: Create an island map in minutes with procedural tools.

Episode 4:  Low poly assets and environment design with Principal 3D Environment Artist Tom Deerberg.

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