Indie devs on the CRYENGINE features they can’t live without
Indie devs on the CRYENGINE features they can’t live without

Indie devs on the CRYENGINE features they can’t live without

Entrada Interactive, Poppermost Productions, and Wolcen Studio give their quickfire take on CRYENGINE’s killer features.

When it comes to choosing an engine, good developers know that it isn’t just important to assess what a given technology offers out of the box, but also to consider its track record for leading innovation and adding new elements that will help them stay ahead of the game.

We sat down with three indie devs using CRYENGINE to see which of its features – long-running and new – have proven to be their favorites during development.

Alexander Bergendahl, Poppermost Productions

Game: SNOW

"The terrain tool was the primary reason why we picked CRYENGINE. Being able to create such a massive mountain so easily is fantastic. For myself, I also really love the time-of-day and the depth-of-field features. I love making edits and I make all the trailers, so having a nice time-of-day tool where you can set the tone, and camera tools like depth of field, really allows you to create a polished-looking edit. Working with CRYENGINE as it has grown has been great."

See how Alexander put his favorite CRYENGINE features to work in the SNOW Open Beta launch trailer.

Chris Sprance, Entrada Interactive

Game: Miscreated

"The implementation of SVOGI (Sparse Voxel Octree Global Illumination) was really cool, and it made our game look 100 times better. When you go inside of a house now it’s the level of darkness that it should be. And with Miscreated we have a 24-hour day cycle, so the traditional approach of rendering probes doesn’t really work. But with the SVOGI it’s awesome – it works perfectly. So that has helped a lot, and it’s been fun learning about it."

Entrada Interactive’s before and after video of SVOGI in action in Miscreated.

Daniel Dolui, Wolcen Studio

Game: Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

"One of the latest features that we implemented was global illumination, which is awesome, especially in conjunction with a lot of dynamic lights. For example, we’re using the real-time dynamic time-of-day system, which makes the game really beautiful without us having to do a lot work – we just need to set it up once. Everything relating to lights and particles is the key to what makes the game badass. As a programmer, I hadn’t done too much artistic stuff, but when I was creating the project system for the game I said, ok, let’s just try and do something cool for a fireball, and it ended up looking really nice with just the small set-up I did in the particle editor."

Check out the latest trailer for Wolcen: Lords of War to see how Daniel’s favorite aspects of CRYENGINE are being put to work in the game.

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