Introduction to an Environment Art Pipeline
Introduction to an Environment Art Pipeline

Introduction to an Environment Art Pipeline

It’s likely that you’ve chosen CRYENGINE because it helps you make the most beautiful looking games. In this Master Class, Tom Deerberg, Lead 3D Artist on Hunt: Showdown will show you how to establish a professional level workflow which will help you make your game shine, every time.

The video is the latest in a series of tutorials that were previously streamed as webinars for our CryINSIDERS. In just over 30 minutes, you will see how to create a model in 3ds Max, use Photoshop for texturing, and import the asset for use in CRYENGINE. The tutorial demonstrates geometry and texture export in addition to CRYENGINE set up, including the creation of a test level, placing objects into the world, and setting up shaders. The workflow shown is how our artists work with CRYENGINE and the techniques demonstrated are currently in use during the production of our latest game, Hunt: Showdown. If you want to learn a reliable, pro-grade art pipeline, dive into the video below and you’ll be taken through every step of the process.

This is the latest Master Class video we have released in a series of tutorials created in-house. It follows our in-depth introduction to UI, a four part series of tutorials covering cinematic storytelling, and our introduction to audio tutorial. Each is hosted by Crytek experts, so the tips and techniques covered are those used on our very own productions. You can check out all of the tutorials on the CRYENGINE YouTube channel, in addition to a wide range of other videos which will help you develop your skills.

These videos were streamed live as webinars and made publicly available to CRYENGINE Insider subscribers. CryINSIDERS have access to regular live tutorials with our developers, and can ask questions during those sessions in real time or vote for our next topics. You can find out more about how to access this content first and take part in webinars by checking out our membership plans. Taking up a membership also means that you are contributing directly to the development of the engine.

We hope you find this tutorial valuable. As ever, we’re looking forward to your feedback on the usual channels - official CRYENGINE forums, Facebook, and Twitter.


November 21, 2017 18:50

VERY GOOD lesson!!!!