Join our Game Experts LIVE Q&A - Friday, March 15th
Join our Game Experts LIVE Q&A - Friday, March 15th

Join our Game Experts LIVE Q&A - Friday, March 15th

Want to chat to our game designers and programmers about how to build a game in CRYENGINE in 48 hours? Save the date!

Some of our experienced game designers and programmers who work on our internal titles like Hunt: Showdown and the CRYENGINE itself are making themselves available to talk about fast iteration in game design on the subject of their GlobalGameJam entry 2019: Homebound in this live Q&A session.

Our Learning Manager Brian Dilg sat together with resident specialists to create a case study on their small game that was developed from concept to finish within 48 hours.

Join us tomorrow, Friday March 15th at 4 pm CET via Zoom

Watch them explain how they utilized CRYENGINE's tools to iterate fast on the subject of creating a basic yet intriguing sidescroller where you have to make your way home from a cozy pub, facing the dangers of urban life.


  • Brian Dilg, Learning Manager CRYENGINE


  • Alexander Klinger, Software Engineer for CRYENGINE
  • Jean-Baptiste Hervé, Junior Software Engineer for CRYENGINE
  • Matthias Otto, Senior Level Designer for Hunt
  • Viktor Ikkes, Senior Cinematic Designer for Hunt [aka The Explosion Artist]

Ask questions about their process and learn how to leverage CRYENGINE to great effect with a small team and little time!

You can download the Homebound Sidescroller Project from the CRYENGINE Marketplace and open it in CRYENGINE 5.5 to follow along the webinar or just pick it apart to look into the details of the setup.

To join the webinar, you need to follow this link - the webinar will start tomorrow at 4 pm CET.

The webinar is held via Zoom platform; please note you might be prompted to install the Zoom client depending on the device you are using to join.