Students go behind the scenes at Crytek
Students go behind the scenes at Crytek

Students go behind the scenes at Crytek

Exchange students from the Danish Institute for Studies Abroad visited Crytek for a studio tour and introduction to CRYENGINE.

Following the success of last year's visit, we were delighted to welcome over 20 students from the Danish Institute for Studies Abroad to our HQ in Frankfurt am Main for an introduction to the world of game development. The students from around the world learned about the process of game-making and received advice to help them with their student projects and prepare for a future career in the games industry.


The day included a full studio tour and a practical introduction to the wide-ranging capabilities of CRYENGINE, using Homebound, a game jam project built by Crytek devs in just 48 hours, as a case study. Director of Engineering Bernd Raabe, Senior VFX Artist Viktor Ikkes, CRYENGINE Tools Product Owner Nicole Gransitzki, and Senior Manager for CRYENGINE Ecosystems & Communications, Gabriel Yakir Ketteler each gave presentations and held Q&A sessions with the students. The sessions covered the different and diverse disciplines involved in game creation and gave the group insights into how games are pitched and new technologies are integrated.


Aleksei Vaniushkin, PR Assistant, said: "This was a fantastic day for the students and the team here at Crytek. We are committed to helping the next generation of developers achieve their vision for their games and careers, so it was great to see the passion and excitement of the students who were able to learn about the different processes in software and game development from seasoned professionals."

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