Tuesday Training
Tuesday Training

Tuesday Training

Your weekly CRYENGINE tutorial round-up! This week: Audio training.



The training provided in this collection of audio tutorials goes over editor interaction with audio entities and the audio control editor for trigger selection. Once the entity is inside of the level we discuss how to limit or expand the influence of the audio based on shapes and obstruction parameters.

1.  RUNTIME AUDIO MIDDLEWARE SWITCH http://vimeo.com/162291782

2.  AUDIO – TRACKVIEW INTEGRATION http://vimeo.com/162291871

3.  AUDIO – CHARACTER FOOTSTEPS http://vimeo.com/162291955

4.  AAE- AUDIO AREA ENTITY http://vimeo.com/162292069

5.  AAA – AUDIO AREA AMBIENCE http://vimeo.com/162292253

6.  AUDIO – SHAPE OBSTRUCTIONS http://vimeo.com/162292480

7.  AUDIO – NESTING SHAPES http://vimeo.com/162423967

Unknown user
April 23, 2016 15:22

Where I find a Tutorial to add new sound to CE5?

Unknown user
April 13, 2016 11:01

Thank you :)