Intelligent Selector

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Language C#
Category/Type Utility
Version number 1.0.0
Zipped size 75.01MB
Unzipped size 75.01MB
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This asset is deprecated and no longer maintained.

Intelligent selector is a tool designed to ease the process of selecting an entity

from a pool of objects by considering the weight assigned to the entity. It utilizes

either of the two algorithms to select an entity. The two algorithms involved are

(i) the random probability algorithm and (ii) the deterministic probability algorithm.

The deterministic algorithm considers weight only when selecting an entity from the

pool. The entity which hasn't appeared for a while is the one which gets selected.

Such an approach results in a similar sequence of selecting an entity and the entity

being selected a particular times per number of tries. On the other hand, the

random probability algorithm adds randomness when it comes to selecting an entity.

Such an approach results in varied sequences of selection and doesn't guarantee an

item being selected a particular number of times in a number of tries.


January 19, 2022

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