Splash Screen Example Plugin

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Version number 1.3.2
Operating system Windows
Zipped size 6.90MB
Unzipped size 6.90MB
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Copyright (c) 2017, uniflare, see LICENSE.txt for details

Splash Screen Example Plugin

Splash Example Plugin is a simple, light-weight splash screen rendering plugin with several features such as;

  • Drop and play!*1

  • Compatible with engine templates and GameZero/GameSDK Sample project*2

  • Renders an 'Initial' Splash texture in windowed mode immediately (first)*3

  • Renders a 'Main' Splash texture in windowed or fullscreen mode

  • Several CVars to control the plugin without building from source

    • CVar splash_plugin_enable (def 1) Enable/Disable splash plugin

    • CVar splash_show (def 1) Controls showing the main (second) splash image

    • CVar splash_minimumPlaybackTime (def 3.0) 'Main' splash display time in seconds

    • CVar splash_texture (def 'SplashExample/Textures/Splash.dds') Main splash texture

    • CVar splash_show_initial (def 1) Enable/Disable the intial splash image

    • CVar splash_minimumPlaybackTime_initial (def 3.0) 'Initial' splash display time in seconds

    • CVar splash_texture_initial (def 'SplashExample/Textures/InitialSplash.dds') Pre splash texture

    • CVar splash_startTimeOffset (def 0.0) Allows for more accurate splash length in some cases

  • Extra documentation for learning/understanding the example plugin' concept

  • Verbosely commented source code (available on github)

  • Automatically overrides original splash screen routine (if any)

    1 Installation can vary between projects, be sure to read the INSTALL.txt document in the Docs/ folder.

    2 Assumes that the example plugin package is compatible with the target engine.

    *3 Make sure you set the correct _rwidth / _rheight cvar values!

    -- This plugin assumes you are using the player profiles feature of CRYENGINE to store/set your game resolution!

    -- These cvars should be the same width and height of your initial splash image!

    Please read the included readme.md document (open with notepad or similar) or view the readme on the github repo by visiting the link mentioned below.

    More information

    For help or more information please visit the associated thread on the forums below.

    CRYENGINE ® Forum Thread: https://forum.cryengine.com/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=4201

    CRYENGINE ® (Archived) Forum Thread: https://www.cryengine.com/community_archive/viewtopic.php?f=314&t=135972

    GitHub ® Repository: https://github.com/uniflare/SplashExample

    Quickstart Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqC7gGeA_f0&feature=youtu.be

January 18, 2022

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