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Version number 1.0.0
Operating system Windows
Zipped size 912.90KB
Unzipped size 912.90KB
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CRYENGINE plugin that adds Flow Graph nodes and C++ functions for working with TOML files.

Available nodes:

  • NewDocument,
  • SetValue,
  • SaveDocument,
  • GetDirectoryPathForDocuments,
  • GetAllDocuments,
  • OpenDocument,
  • GetValue,
  • CloseDocument,
  • RemoveDocument.

How to use Flow Graph nodes:

  • Copy `Toml4Cryengine.dll` from `bin/win_x64` directory to your project's `bin/win_x64` directory.
  • Modify your project's `Game.cryproject` file, add a new entry in `plugins` section like so:

{ "guid": "", "type": "EType::Native", "path": "bin/win_x64/Toml4Cryengine.dll" },

Source Code:

The source code and detailed instructions are available on project's GitHub page.


September 26, 2022

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