Achieved with CRYENGINE: Play Mavericks first by becoming a Founder

Achieved with CRYENGINE: Play Mavericks first by becoming a Founder

The CRYENGINE-powered, groundbreaking 1000 player battle royale shooter from Automaton is inviting players to join the development of the game from November 29.

If you want to be one of the first players in the world to experience Mavericks, you can sign up to become a Founder now. Becoming a founder means you can take part in behind the scenes testing and communicate directly with the developers. Mavericks: The Forge will be a closed live launch of the game, with iterative updates based on community feedback arriving on a weekly basis, beginning November 29. To join the limited number of players able to join The Forge, and help shape the development of the game, become a Founder which also includes a range of benefits:

12 Month Citizenship.

Gain unrestricted access to the Mavericks economy, making it possible to engage in trading and a range of customization features that include drone, title, and full character customization. Using Bits, the world's currency, you can buy, sell, and trade gear, weapons, and attachments.

Exclusive Cosmetics:

    • Founders' Weapon Kit
    • Founders' Emote
    • Founders' Icon
    • Founders' Posts
    • Founders' Discord Rank

Access To:

    • Founders Hall, an in-game social area
    • Founders Forum

You can check out more about the development of Mavericks in a recently released developer diary. Take a deep dive into map design, including a discussion of the different biomes across the Isle of Dern and how they're built, and find out more about why community feedback during The Forge is so important to the dev team, in the video below.

If you’re interested in character design, you’ll also want to check out the developer roundtable from Automaton which covers a lot of ground about how the team creates characters and what will be coming to the game in future.

As ever, we look forward to you feedback in the comments, on the CRYENGINE forum, via Facebook and Twitter, and you can join the community and our CRYENGINE development team over on our official Discord channel.


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  • spaceman2003

    If one had such a wall of masks and bodies like Game of Thrones, a mask and a character that can be exchanged in the game then one can choose their advantar`s

  • spaceman2003

    I have used Poser 11 for Character`s and that is very difficult. Not all in 3ds max support that. En exporting to Cryengine 5.5 is not function as well. Cryengine 5.0 was better.

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