CRYENGINE Master Class: Creating a fabulous forest with Quixel Megascans

CRYENGINE Master Class: Creating a fabulous forest with Quixel Megascans

In our latest CRYENGINE Master Class, Crytek Senior Cinematic Artist, Joe Garth, shows you how you can create a realistic forest scene using Megascans.

The in-depth tutorial includes everything you need to know about how to import Quixel Megascans assets and shows how well they integrate into the engine to rapidly create realistic scenes. You will be taken through all the steps required to generate and sculpt terrain and hear tips on cinematic composition, the use of the volumetric cloud system, polishing techniques, and how to use the lighting and environment editor. By the end of the tutorial you will have learned how to build a realistically lit, beautifully finished, professional-level scene using Quixel Megascans with CRYENGINE – techniques used in the development of our own titles at Crytek. Check out the video below to up your game. 

You can find out more about Quixel Megascans at their website. If you have feedback or comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts on FacebookTwitter and our forum. And if you enjoyed this CRYENGINE Master Classes, we’ll be releasing more soon, including more on how to get the most out of using Quixel Megascans with CRYENGINE. To contribute to the evolution of CRYENGINE, find out more here.


  • Release Notes
  • August 17, 2017

CRYENGINE 5.4.0 Preview 4

  • Release Notes
  • August 24, 2017

CRYENGINE 5.4.0 Preview 5


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  • Fantastic to see new tuts coming out, especially masterclass ones. Keep it up

  • So much inspiring in there. Thanks for this cryengine team.

  • COOL! Thanks guys. "MAXIMUM GAME" ;-)

  • Great tutorial Joe! hope to see more tuts from you!

  • Thanks Crytek and most importantly to Joe Garth for this wonderful tutorial. Was actually searching for such a tutorial the last night. Love Crytek. :-)

  • You guys are the best.

  • ohh, thats where it was - a parameter for decal angle fading

  • Thanks, Joe and the CRYENGINE Team! Excellent master class! Will wait for more of such professional tutorials! PS. Can't recognize Crytek. You are doing chic things lately and making wishes come true.

  • Damn, you guys are knocking it out of the park lately. Excellent work.

  • Best tutorial I have ever seen, thank you Crytek and especially Joe Garth. Keep doing this kind of the great jobs, please.

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