CRYENGINE Master Class: FBX Import

CRYENGINE Master Class: FBX Import

Alerting all artists! Want to improve your animation workflow? Check out our video tutorials which show you how to get an animated character or static mesh into CRYENGINE in just a few minutes with FBX Import.

FBX animation import was a long requested feature for CRYENGINE and we implemented it a while ago, but are you making the most of it? The system allows artists to use a wider range of tools, such as Blender, so everyone can use their favourite workflow. It is, of course, possible to continue to use 3ds Max and Maya exporters but FBX Import’s simple graphic drag and drop interface – which you can find under Tools – makes working with animation in CRYENGINE quick and easy. Want to find out more? Great! Well, we have two short and sweet videos to help you get up and running fast.

In our first video, Collin Bishop – CRYENGINE Product Manager – shows you how to import animations in double quick time. Check it out below. 

In our second video, Collin shows you how to import static meshes with the FBX Importer. 

You can read more about working with FBX Importer in our documentation here where you’ll find a comprehensive overview of each of FBX Import’s features and the steps in the process. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts and requests on FacebookTwitter and the official CRYENGINE forums. If you like our video tutorials and want to enable us to put up more free content like this, you can contribute to CRYENGINE development here.


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  • anil10678

    OMG its really nice i always hate UE4 but a simple way to import animated elements in cryengine is really important for newbie and old artiest thanks again all cryengine devlopers group and i also waiting for substance material import like UE4 , because cryengine don't create material in just easy way like UE4 so keep update them like FBX importer so we love this and can't compare this to UE4.

  • EndiHaxhi

    Amazing guys, keep em coming!

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