Five ways for newcomers to get up and running with CRYENGINE

Five ways for newcomers to get up and running with CRYENGINE

CRYENGINE 5.5 is our biggest and easiest to use release yet. If you’re new to CRYENGINE, welcome! Here’s how to get up and running quickly and join our global community of CryEngineers, whether you have experience with a different game engine or are entirely new to game development.

1: Create a complete game with FlappyBoid

FlappyBoid is a complete tutorial for CRYENGINE where you’ll learn both how to use the engine and learn the core principles of game design. By the end of it, you’ll have made a full game complete with modeling, texturing, animation, audio, particle effects, a dynamic real-world environment, score-keeping, and a user interface. You’ll also have a standalone build that you can put on Steam or distribute as you like. It’s a great introduction to making games.

2: Check out our YouTube channel

Head over to the CRYENGINE YouTube channel. It’s packed full of learning videos, with playlists grouped around specific disciplines such as Art and Animation, Game and Level Design, and Programming, and you’ll also find insights from developers working with CRYENGINE around the world and tutorials created by members of our community. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date with all the latest releases.

3: Get social and join the community

We’re proud to have an awesome, talented, and friendly community of CryEngineers. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, feedback, have a question about CRYENGINE, or are looking for collaborators for a project, reaching out and joining our community is what you want to do. The CRYENGINE forum is an invaluable resource, our social channels, Facebook and Twitter, will keep you up to date with the news, while our official Discord Channel is growing, and many of the developers at Crytek who work on the engine every day hang out there too.

4. Tutorials & Training videos

We have put together a selection of CRYENGINE V training video content and examples which will introduce to you to basic CRYENGINE concepts and workflows, designed to help you master the engine in no time. Featuring videos and a link to sample assets, the course covers getting started, engine and artist tutorials, and content examples. GO!

5. CRYENGINE Marketplace

The CRYENGINE Marketplace is packed full of assets that can get your projects up and running quickly. From premium paid assets to a range of production-ready free downloads, whether you’re creating an FPS, horror game, fantasy RPG, or platformer, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your game. It’s also home to a range of free asset packs from Crytek games which you can use as you see fit, including Crysis animations, assets from our VR projects Robinson: The Journey and The Climb, and architecture from Ryse.

Welcome to CRYENGINE V, and our community. We can’t wait to see what you can do with our engine and, as always, let us know on Discord, the forums, Facebook, or Twitter.


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