Master Class: CryAnimation Philosophy

Master Class: CryAnimation Philosophy

In this CRYENGINE Master Class, we’re sharing the latest in a series of tutorials that we’ve previously only used internally. Today’s Master Class is all about the philosophy behind animation design in CRYENGINE.

The video is a presentation to our Crytek game development team which was previously only available internally. It covers how the principles behind animation in CRYENGINE have developed over time and how the system can deliver a lot of flexibility and simplicity in production. The video also gives a comprehensive introduction to practical procedures and techniques that Crytek has used to deliver the animation that has shipped in our games. Want to pick up insider information from the pros? Find out how CRYENGINE’s animation system can make the difference for you by diving into the video below! 

And if that got your attention, just check out the full documentation about CryAnimation to get the full picture! Got feedback, questions, or comments? As always, we’d love to hear them on FacebookTwitter and the official forum. You can also check out our previous Master Class videos in our CRYENGINE Technology playlist

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  • tothespace

    This tutorial should've been made available earlier,, It's nice that we are finally getting it though.

  • Igor_Shepard

    Cool! Now mannequin is explained

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