Play MechWarrior Online now on Steam!

Play MechWarrior Online now on Steam!

A tactical, 'Mech-based online shooter set in the rich BattleTech Universe, achieved with CRYENGINE

"MechWarrior Online™ is a tactical online shooter set in the BattleTech Universe. The battlefields of the 31st century are dominated by powerful mechanized units known as BattleMechs. You will assume the role of an elite MechWarrior, fighting for supremacy over the galaxy".

Remaining faithful to the MechWarrior series, MechWarrior Online gives players different humanoid mobile tanks with a wide range of strengths and weaknesses to choose from. It's up to the player to take advantage of teamwork and tactical gameplay, or to go solo with the biggest, baddest weapons in the battlefield.

MechWarrior Online is Free-to-Play and it's available now on Steam!

  • December 09, 2015

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  • December 11, 2015

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