Sign up for CRYENGINE Master Class Live! – SAE Institute hosts public CE workshop

Sign up for CRYENGINE Master Class Live! – SAE Institute hosts public CE workshop

Want to learn CRYENGINE from the experts at a live event? We’ve partnered with SAE Institute to arrange two workshops in Leipzig and Hannover, Germany, hosted by Crytek Senior Cinematic Artist Joe Garth, where he’ll show you how to get amazing results from CRYENGINE.

Attendees at the seminars will be introduced to various world building projects, an exploration of the latest workflows, including how to integrate photogrammetry into scenes, and find out how to set up realistic PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and lighting. Joe will also be sharing his knowledge on how to optimize assets, scenes, and lighting. The seminar gives attendees the chance to ask questions as they find out how to elevate their own games to the highest levels of performance and visual quality in the industry. And he’s throwing in an exciting look at what the future holds for CRYENGINE, plus an exclusive opportunity for students to be the first to register for a two day CRYENGINE V game building workshop at SAE in January 2018.

The first two events are open to the public. So everone can register for the event in Leipzig on December 9 here and the workshop at Hannover on December 16 here.

If you can’t make either events, stay tuned. We plan on rolling out more live events in future. Joe is, of course, one of our Master Class hosts. Crytek regularly holds live webinars with experts from the studio and CRYENGINE Insider members are able to access this content first and ask questions in real time. You can find out how you can join these webinars, and contribute directly to the evolution of the engine, by checking out our CRYENGINE membership options. Recent Master Class tutorials which have been subsequently released to the community include Joe’s introduction to cinematic storytelling, an environment art pipeline video, an in-depth introduction to UI, and our introduction to audio tutorial.

You can check out all of these tutorials on the CRYENGINE YouTube channel, where you will also find more videos which will help you up your development game. As ever, we’re looking forward to your feedback and requests on the usual channels – the CRYENGINE forums, Facebook, and Twitter.


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