THE CLIMB 360°: ALPS ASCENT video is live now!

THE CLIMB 360°: ALPS ASCENT video is live now!

Preview the ascent in our Alps climbing playground – the largest single environment we have created in CRYENGINE – with our 360-degree video.

Click on the arrows in the video’s upper left hand corner or drag the cursor across the screen and check out the full panorama of our Alps setting as the camera rises through a game world stretching across 100 km of virtual space. Mountains tower over a serene lake, eagles soar over a fairy-tale castle, and wingsuit daredevils fly past cable cars – which you’ll get to climb across in the game – as you control the camera direction and explore Alps. And while we‘re sure you won’t be able to resist looking into the distance, don’t forget to look down too... Then imagine feeling the vertigo in VR.

Please note that the visual quality of this interactive video is not representative of the final game.

Watching on mobile? This video is best experienced with the official YouTube app.

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  • Unknown User

    how in the world did they get that detail and texture from the terrain

  • Unknown User



    Beautiful 360° xD

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