Achieved with CRYENGINE: ColdSide
Achieved with CRYENGINE: ColdSide

Achieved with CRYENGINE: ColdSide

ColdSide, the latest release from AdroVGames, is out now. We chat with the game's developer Andrey to find out more about his new indie horror game.

ColdSide, out now on Steam, is a CRYENGINE-powered adventure horror game created by AdroVGames, a one-man-development team. Andrey, the man behind AdroVGames, has previously successfully released Investigator and ShadowSide, and today we speak to him to find out more about the game and his development journey. 

Congratulations on the launch, Andrey! You're a very active member of our community, but for those who don't know you, can you tell us a bit about your development background?

Hi, I'm from Ukraine, and I develop indie games, for the most part, on my own! My games are usually weird horror adventures. On ColdSide, Mikko Tarmia made the music and helped with the ambiance, and Nikolay Semenov from DailySound helped me with the sound. I worked with Nikolay on Investigator and ShadowSide, and I have wanted to work with Mikko for a long time as I've always loved his music and the ambiance he creates.

What can players expect in ColdSide?

ColdSide is a first-person psychological horror game. The game takes place in an abandoned underground paranormal research laboratory, and you will investigate this mysterious, creepy place. I don't want to give out any spoilers, but it's a very atmospheric experience. It's loosely inspired by the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization tasked with researching and controlling various paranormal phenomena, objects, and beings. I did my best to create something like it, but with my own ideas and on a smaller scale.

Why did you choose CRYENGINE for this project?

After the first Crysis came out, I wanted to learn how to use the Sandbox editor to make mods. And I liked CRYENGINE so much that I stuck with it! It was the graphical power of the engine that first attracted me. I like the tools for cutscene creation and I absolutely love to create cinematic scenes. To be honest, I sometimes think I could make movies rather than games with the engine! Creating levels and setting up lighting is very convenient in CRYENGINE, and I find the UI very comfortable. The new tools for working with particles are great too. I'm also eager to see the new visual scripting tools come to the engine.

What advice would you give to fellow indie developers?

Don't be afraid of anything, and just keep on pushing forward. And most importantly, never give up! Also, join the CRYENGINE community. The community helped me a lot, and it's very inspiring.

Cheers, Andrey!

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